Most Commonly Asked Lounger Questions:

Can we drink beer while we ride?
No. Not right now. Other cities allow this and yes, it would be charming.

Can we bring our 5 year old?
I'm sure she's cute but guests need to be 18. We'll need to check everyone's I.D.

Can we choose where we go?
We will touring the SE Portland Beer Corridor!  As time rolls on we hope to explore many of the city's great neighborhoods.

What if I laugh so hard I wet my pants?  Do you have towels?
If this is a common occurrence, you may want to bring more pants.

Is this a dangerous activity?
Crossing the street can be dangerous if you aren't paying attention. If you stay alert you'll be fine, just don’t try to hop off the Pedalounge while it’s moving!

Who drives the Pedalounge?
Pedalounge found an out-of-work trombone player to drive - and they've become best friends. Listen to him.

Are tours still going when is it's windy and raining?
You must be from out of town. If Matt Zaffino tells us, "Run to your basement!" we'll reschedule.

What if I need to cancel?
Yes that can happen and here's what we'll do:
It it's four weeks or more away,  you'll get a full refund.
If it's less than four weeks, you'll get a raincheck good for 90 days.
If it's ten days or less you won't receive a refund.

I don’t have a credit card, will you accept cash?
Of course.  Just let us know when booking. Unmarked mail slot…trench coat…you know the routine.

Can we bring our own snacks and drinks?
Yes, but no glass containers and, once again, no alcohol. Who’s tired of hearing that?